Get your ham license

How to get your ham license

Download these license/test questions and answers:


Technician Question with Correct Answers Only          - Technician Graphics

 It presents the questions and only the correct answer.  There is no need to memorize the  incorrect answers.


Please Note: This question pool expires June 30, 2022

A true study guide:  The No Nonsense Technician Class Study Guide by KB6NU


Study and take the practice exams often until you are averaging an 80% pass rate or better. 

You can also get free apps for your smart phone to help you practice:

iPhone—Ham Radio Exam—Tech                 Android—Ham Test Prep

Exams are every second Thursday of the month in Queen Creek and every third Monday of the month in Mesa


You can always attend one of the regularly scheduled exam sessions offered by the East Valley

Volunteer Examiner Team.  Details about what to bring to an exam session is listed below.

You will need to bring the following with you:

· $15.00 Exam Fee

· Photo ID – Driver’s License, Student ID, or Any government issued photo ID

· Your Social Security Number is required for the FCC application.  However, if you register with the FCC in advance, you can receive an FRN, which is an FCC Registration Number.  You can use that on your application instead of the SSN.  Here’s the link to get your own FRN number:  FCC FRN Registration  

Important Update

Due to public orders requiring social distancing and limited public gatherings, the usual monthly exam sites listed below are on hold.

However, there are a couple of options available.

1. Social Distancing Approved Session in Mesa—If you would like to reserve an exam seat in the next social distancing approved session, please send an email direct to You will be provided with contact information of the VE session manager who organizes this event.

2. Remote Exam Session—Visit to register for a remote VE session.

Details for Monthly Exam Sites:  ** ON HOLD **


Registration Required

Organization: East Valley QRP Group  QCECG - Contact: Dave Martin, AC7FF, at

Time:  Usually at East Valley QRP Group’s “Gathering of the Willing” weekly park meetings.

Location:  Desert Mountain Park, 22201 S. Hawes Road, Queen Creek, AZ 85142


Registration Not Required

Organization: East Valley VE Team  Contact: Fred Bollinger, AB7JF, at or 480-242-8606.

Time:  2nd Monday of Each Month at 6 PM

Location:  Mesa Utilities Building, 640 N. Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 8520


More testing locations here:

Free Practice Exams: – You’ll need to register to use the site, and then look under the Resources pull down menu and select Practice Amateur Radio Exams. Be sure you then select the 2014 Technician Exam Practice Test.

If you don't mind spending a few bucks for online training, these folks have a money back guarantee and are highly recommended:

Click Here for Latest Test Sessions